Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Arthur C. Mandolino....."The Toad"

Arthur C. Mandolino was a cat amongst the pigeons, a rose between the many thorns of Sinbarland St, he liked to think. My first encounter with Mr. C Mandolino was one friday afternoon, as we were closing the cafe, he waltzed in with the grace and pinache he could only dream of.
Dressed in a cream Del Monte suit, pink shirt, his chubby pink hands pushing through the cuffs , a thick gold bracelet strangling his piggy wrist, his swollen head poking out of the top of his oversized jacket, red and sweating from walking across the road....
He introduced himself as a 'local entrepeneur', 'Sinbarland's Sir Alan' he would tout himself as, whilst leering at girls chests and mens crotches.
His money,however wasnt real money, just a string of Gold Visas. He owned a chain of sleazy discotheques called Diamonds, was believed to own a large mansion stuffed full of taxidermy and greek pillars. I started to notice that Arthur had a strange relationship with Blaine, and would smack him on his buttocks everytime they crossed paths. His manicured fingernails screamed laziness, smooth fat hands suggested not a hard days work in his life - a real Toad of Toad Hall...

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