Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Charles 'ChiChi' Hanson

ChiChi. Charles. A kind pillar of the community. I noticed that everytime I would open the cafe's shutters, Charles, or ChiChi as he liked to call himself, would be stood right next to me, stuffing Beef Disco crisps into his mouth, his favourite, saying that he was watching out for me whilst i opened up shop, as there were 'many wierd people about'. His hair piece was always wonky, and his 1980's frilly victorian styled ladies dress a tad too small, his long hairy arms dangling at his sides, he would help carry in the bread of a morning and mop the steps.
He was an honest person who stood out from the rest, a little different yet the most normal....liked by all apart from Arthur C Mandolino, whose piggy eyes would watch ChiChi like a security camera, scared of the unkown, of 'the strange man in a dress', who was, actually, far more 'normal' than Arthur.

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